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Upcoming Events

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Preview, February 3

Teamwork is essential for success—more than anything else it’s what gives an organization a competitive advantage. Yet most companies suffer from team dysfunction. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team acknowledges this and helps to turn around teams so they can collaborate on achieving organizational goals.
Learn more.

The Accountability Experience, February 11

This highly interactive workshop develops your employee’s skills around the areas of personal responsibility, self-empowerment, and personal accountability. They learn ways to practically apply the content on the job so they work more effectively and achieve results.
Learn more.

Using Everything DiSC® to Leverage Your Talent Preview, March 3

This program introduces you to a variety of Everything DiSC® profiles and shows how you and your employees can use them to develop better working relationships and improve performance.
Learn more.


What's New

1/12/14: FlashPoint has hired Sean Olson as consultant and Rachel Tomasik as associate consultant.
12/31/14: Creating Lasting Impact with Training
12/24/14: Make Meetings Matter
12/19/14: Make 2015 the Year to Grow!
12/12/14: Resolve to Build Your Relationships in 2015
12/4/14: Consultant Jenny Banner and Associate Consultant Kristin Hess have joined the FlashPoint team.
12/4/14: Five Ways HR Can Partner with CEOs to Achieve Strategic Results
11/26/14: How to Train New Hires Quickly and Well
11/20/14: FlashPoint consultant Linda Dausend has been elected as the Indiana State Council of SHRM’s director-elect for 2015, and in 2016 she’ll become the state council’s director.
11/18/14: Four Ways Your Frontline Managers Are Burning Profits
11/12/14: When Leading, Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Feedback
11/6/14: Five Strategies for Becoming a Millennial Magnet

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