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Upcoming Events

Succession Planning: Conducting an Effective Talent Review Webinar, June 22

An important step in creating a successful succession plan is to conduct a talent review that identifies potential successors for target positions that will have the most effect on the stability, growth, production, and profitability of the organization. This webinar shares tips and tools for doing so.

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Preview, July 14

Learn how The Leadership Challenge® Workshop can help you build better leaders. We’ll introduce you to key components of the workshop, including five practices that all strong leaders demonstrate and the LPI®, a 360-degree assessment that measures how frequently your leaders demonstrate the five practices.

Strategic HR Competencies Workshop, July 24

Explore six competencies that every HR professional must master in order to be a strategic contributor—and discover ways to develop them further to impact your organization and your career. Includes a 360-degree assessment.


What's New

4/17/15: Moving Women through the Talent Pipeline for STEM Careers and More
4/10/15: Proactive Coaching: Four Questions to Help Move Your Organization Forward
4/3/15: Transparency Is a Bottom-Line Issue
3/31/15: Constructive Tips for Providing Constructive Feedback
3/20/15: Training Your Team—Like Oil on Water?
3/13/15: FlashPoint has hired Angela Henderson and Tracy Puett as consultants.
3/13/15: Derrick Rogan has joined FlashPoint as an intern.
3/13/15: Accelerate Leadership Development through Action Learning
3/7/15: Turnover Taking Its Toll?
2/13/15: Leading with a Sense of Direction
2/9/15: Ten Ways to Better Manage Performance
1/30/15: Actionable Tips to Improve People Management Skills
1/27/15: Wiley, developer of Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, has recognized FlashPoint as a Sapphire award-winning partner for our delivery of the programs; fewer than 7 percent of Wiley’s authorized partners receive this award.
1/12/15: FlashPoint has hired Sean Olson as consultant and Rachel Tomasik as associate consultant.

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