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Talent Processes
Talent Development
Leadership and Management
Team Effectiveness and
Employee Training
High-Potential Leaders
Career Transition
Public Workshops
The Coaching Clinic®
The Leadership Challenge® Workshop
The Leadership Challenge® Workshop for Emerging Leaders
Management Vitals
DISC Certification Prep Program
The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Workshop
The Accountability Experience
Strategic HR Peer Group

FlashPoint is among an exclusive group authorized to facilitate The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.

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Upcoming Events

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, September 8

In this preview session, we’ll provide an overview of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, explore the five key practices of exemplary leadership that it introduces, and discuss delivery options. Learn more

The Coaching Clinic®, September 18

Get a preview of The Coaching Clinic®, the Coaching Conversation Model®, and the five key coaching skills covered in the program: establishing focus, discovering possibilities, planning for action, removing barriers, and recapping. Learn more


What's New

8/26/14: You Might Need a Coach If . . .
8/9/14: Don’t Be Afraid to Swim in the Shark Tank
8/1/14: Hiring Slowly vs. Quickly: The Right Approach Adds to the Bottom Line
7/25/14: Leverage Emotional Intelligence to Create Headspace for Leadership!
7/18/14: Millennials to the Rescue!
7/12/14: Workforce Planning: A Critical Process for Achieving Long-Term Business Goals
7/3/14: Engage Employees BEFORE They’re Hired
6/28/14: Accountability Is Everyone’s Responsibility
6/12/14: FlashPoint is now among an exclusive group authorized to facilitate The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
6/6/14: Einstein Was Right!
5/30/14: The Trouble with Training
5/24/14: Accountability Conversations: The Key to Employee and Organizational Growth
5/18/14: Transferring Learning through Training: Did Anything “Stick”?
5/4/14: Cultural Pitfalls That Prevent Growth

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